BMW 323i (E36) Individual in Australia

John Avis by | August 20, 2012 | E36

As a frequent reader of the BMW section of various automotive classifieds websites, I occasionally see some fairly unique 1997 323i models. They are identified with a label which says "Individual" under the bonnet.

"Individual" is BMW's special order program, where customers can basically have a car built to their own linking, by choosing from various options, paint and interior colours.

I am not sure why there was so many of these "Individual" models available in Australia in 1997, but I am guessing that they were ordered by BMW rather than clients to bolster sales near the end of the E36's life.

Most of the cars I have seen have been in Estoril Blue, although I have seen a few yellow cars (Dakar Yellow?) and one which I believe is Metallic Orange.

Some have M3 style "Mtech" body kits, with or without a rear spoiler. Most that I have seen have had 5 spoke wheels, the same style as fitted to the 4-door M3 (not sold in Australia).

Inside, some have sports seats, and some have unique colour interiors. For example, most of the Estoril Blue cars have white leather on the seats and the door trims, and some of these have blue piping.

Estoril Blue 323i Individual Metallic Orange 323i Individual Yellow 323i Individual 323i Individual white leather interior

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