Lightweight flywheel options for M50 engine

John Avis by | August 31, 2012 | Technical Tips E36

I like the idea of replacing the dual mass flywheel in my 325i with a conventional flywheel next time I have to replace a clutch.

There are quite a few aftermarket lightweight flywheels available but I like the idea of doing it on the cheap and using factory parts.

One option is to use a flywheel and clutch from certain M20-powered models and a different release fork, but I prefer a simpler option.

Apparently some early E36 320i's and E34 520i's were fitted with a normal flywheel.

I need to find out what country were these models sold in with the normal flywheel, and if any aftermarket clutch suppliers make a clutch kit for this flywheel.

So far from I have found a part number for the clutch kit and these seem to be available through reasonably inexpensively, but without mention of the brand.

I found the weights of the parts of but it seems that that according to these the dual mass flywheel and clutch are lighter (16.984 kg) than the standard flywheel and clutch (17.46 kg). Can this be right?

Flywheel (with or without air conditoning) - 11221726833 - 10.540 kg (dual mass is 21211223593 - 11.134 kg)
Clutch (with or without air conditioning) - 21211223240 - 6.920 kg (dual mass is 21211223545 - 5.850 kg)

More research is required.

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