Painting or wrapping my car in matte finish

John Avis by | September 19, 2012 | My 1991 325i

Given that my 1991 325i sedan has some paint issues that are probably best solved with a respray, but a good respray is probably not worthwhile given the value of the car, I am on the lookout for less expensive options.

I was considering rat style (see my other post) but it is a bit too attention grabbing for my linking.

So now I am considering painting or wrapping my car in a matte finish.

From what I have read, painting in matte is easier than gloss as poor workmanship or preparation is less likely to stand out.

I also read a forum post by a guy who had wrapped his car himself very inexpensively.

Because my car is silver I am considering a grey matte colour rather than black.

In some photos I have seen, such as E90 M3s, the colour looks great.

Matte grey M3

But in some, such as this Lamborghini, I don't think it looks good at all.

Matte grey Lamborghini

And on an E36 sedan like mine, truly awful.

Matte grey E36 sedan

Black is the more popular choice, and I found photos of quite a few E36s which have been painted or wrapped in this colour and finish.

Matte black E36 Matte black E36 Matte black E36 Matte black E36 Matte black E36

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