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John Avis by | February 10, 2016 | Magazine Articles

I collect car magazines and often buy and sell them on eBay.
I collect car magazines and often buy and sell them on eBay.

Often, when I am interested in a particular car, I want to read through magazine articles about it. This usually involves searching through dozens of magazines for relevant articles.

Many years ago I had a database of my magazines (created in the very old dBase IV) but it has long been out of date.

I wanted to recreate a similar system using current technologies and had the idea of a wiki-like website where magazine contents could be stored.

So I present to you

It is a website where anyone can add magazine issues including title, cover scan, descriptions and contents.

For each issue you can tag whether you own it, want it and whether you have the issue for sale.

Anyone can then search through all issues for articles of interest. They can also choose to just search issue they own.

There's a membership and moderation system in place to prevent spam, and members earn points and privileges for their contributions. Spammers will get blocked.

Members can also leave ratings and reviews about particular publications and issues.

The website is free for all, mainly because it is primarily intended for my own use, although I hope others get involved so I don't have to enter every issue on my own. I have thousands of magazines.

The website is partly complete but still a work in progress. I also plan to add some trading tools, such as templates that can be used to list quicker on eBay and other trading websites.

I also plan to add a feature to match people who have magazines that others want, and suggest trades when two members have issues that the other wants.

Please visit screenshot

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