About Me

I love BMW 3 series. Ever since I bought my first one, an E30 318is, I knew that the 3 series was the right car for me.

That combination of good performance and handling in a stylish compact package but without the image of a full-on sports car.

Since that first 318is, I have moved on to an E36 M3, another E30 318is, two E36 318is's, an E36 325i, and now a supercharged E36 318is.

I hope soon to upgrade to an E46 320i Touring (wagon).

I have learned many of the common problems with these models, and how they can be a very reliable yet economical choice of car.

On this website I want to share my own experiences as well as some 3 series history and technical tips.

I have a few other blogs, one is about buying cars and driving. The other is about programming and technology.

If you collect car magazines then please see my website, www.magazinecollector.net.

If you like illegal cross-country racing please see my website, www.cannonball.info - it's all about the 1984 Australian Cannonball Cup.


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