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1994/1995 BMW E36 318is Sport Option Pack

by John Avis | March 25, 2013
In October 1994 BMW Australia introduced a sport option pack for the 318is coupe. This option pack included 16-inch alloys and certain M-Technic parts. I've seen three such 318is's around. Apparently the sports option pack was also offered on the 325i but I haven't seen any of those.


BMW E36 engine reliability guide

by John Avis | February 8, 2013
When you are shopping for a car as old as the E36 generation 3 series, it makes sense to choose the model that will be the most reliable and require the least maintenance. Here's a run down on the pros and cons of most of the engines available (in Australia).


318is versus 325i

by John Avis | October 11, 2012
Having owned four 318is's and now a 325i for a few months I am ready to give my thoughts on the pros and cons of each model.

Technical Tips E30

Airbox Modification For Increased Sound

by John Avis | August 26, 2012
Inspired by a news item for a Porsche "exhaust enhancement sound package" in Zoom magazine (Feb-Mar 1997) I thought if it was good enough for Porsche to drill holes in the side of the airbox to improve the car's sound then it was good enough for me.


Review of BMW 318is (E36) 1992 - 1998

by John Avis | July 31, 2008
Almost exactly a year after the introduction of the E36 generation of BMW 3-series sedan came the first of the coupes, the 318is. Although the coupe looks very similar to the sedan, virtually every body panel is different. The cabin is set further back, the boot lid is shorter and the roofline is lower. At the front, the headlights and grille are the same. At the rear the coupe's rear lights are wider.



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