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Bypassing the BMW E36 passenger seat occupancy sensor

By · July 22, 2015

The airbag warning lights on both of my BMW 318is's have been on for some time now and, because I now have my 4-door 1997 model up for sale, I thought it was time I did something about it.

More about flywheel options for M40, M42 and M44 engines

By · May 20, 2014

As I need to replace the clutch in my supercharged 1998 318is I have been looking into what options there are for a stronger and preferably lighter clutch.

Lightweight flywheel options for M50 engine

By · August 31, 2012

Low Cost Shift Light for E30

By · August 26, 2012

E30 short shifter options

By · August 26, 2012

Lighter Flywheel Options for M42

By · August 26, 2012

Ever since I bought my 318is I have always felt it would benefit from a lighter flywheel mainly as it is particularly slow to drop revs on upchanges. It would probably also help acceleration too.

Dual Switchable Chips

By · August 26, 2012

Having finally purchased an after-market performance chip I wanted to be able to easily switch back to the original chip to make comparisons and perhaps even in case of unavailability of high octane fuel.

Airbox Modification For Increased Sound

By · August 26, 2012

BMW Early E36 Front Suspension Differences

By · August 7, 2012

When I first bought my 1991 325i I knew that, being a very early E36 model, it had different front suspension than the later models, and because I thought this must be inferior to the later models I intended to change to the later type.

Bought a BMW code reader and reset cable - cheap way to reset lights and read codes

By · June 21, 2012

The airbag warning light has been on my 1997 318is and I was looking for the cheapest way to reset it myself. I bought an "Ediabas INPA OBD2 Diagnostic Interface for BMW" off eBay, the cheapest I could find at about $25 delivered from overseas.

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