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My 1998 318is

Replacement parts for BMW DASC kit

by John Avis | January 7, 2016

If you have a BMW 3 series or Z3 with a Downing Atlanta supercharger kit fitted (DASC), at some point you are going to need to replace some parts. I have been researching what the replacement parts are.

My 1998 318is Technical Tips

Replaced BMW E36 analogue clock with 7 button MID

by John Avis | August 3, 2015

I have a spare 7-button MID from one of the cars I dismantled and now that I have moved to a colder climate (Sydney Blue Mountains) I thought it might be interesting to fit it to see what the outside temperature is.

My 1998 318is Technical Tips

Repair of BMW ABS+ASC controller 34511164897

by John Avis | July 25, 2015

The ABS+ASC warning light has been stuck on in my 1998 318is coupe since I bought it. When I checked the fault codes the error was a fault with the pump unit.

Technical Tips

Bypassing the BMW E36 passenger seat occupancy sensor

by John Avis | July 22, 2015

The airbag warning lights on both of my BMW 318is's have been on for some time now and, because I now have my 4-door 1997 model up for sale, I thought it was time I did something about it.

My 1998 318is

Front control arm bushing replacement for my E36 BMW 318is coupe

by John Avis | July 6, 2015

Last time I had a wheel alignment done the mechanic told me that my front lower control arm bushings were worn out and were in need of replacement. The ball joints and control arms themselves were otherwise in good condition.

My 1998 318is

Fuel gauge problem for my BMW 318is E36 coupe

by John Avis | June 17, 2015

My fuel gauge in my 1998 BMW 318is coupe stopped working the other day.

My 1998 318is

M44 to M50 clutch replacement for my supercharged 318is

by John Avis | April 1, 2015

I finally got around to having the second hand M50 dual mass flywheel and clutch kit fitted today.

My 1998 318is

Battery drain problem on my 1998 318is

by John Avis | February 20, 2015

The other night I noticed an unusual whirring noise from the engine area on my 1998 BMW 318is coupe. I assume it was one of my idler pulley wheels which I have previously noticed as being noisy and needing replacement.

My 1997 318is

Update on my 1997 318is sedan

by John Avis | February 3, 2015

After several months of excessive noise due to the previously mentioned cracked exhaust manifold, my 1997 318is sedan is now fixed and quiet again.


Top 3 performance modifications for a street driven BMW E36

by John Avis | January 23, 2015

If you are looking for the best modifications you can do to your BMW 3 series from 1991 to 1997, here's my top 3 list for the modifications that you will notice the most improvement.

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I am a bit of a 3 series fanatic, having owned a couple of E30s and a few E36s, plus a few parts cars. I like the combination of the compact size, good performance and handling, and that they are more sports sedan than an impractical and extrovert sports car. This blog is a place to share my experience and knowledge.


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