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Bought another parts car

By · February 22, 2013

Fitting US market cup holders to an Australia BMW E36

By · February 12, 2013

BMW E36 engine reliability guide

By · February 8, 2013

When you are shopping for a car as old as the E36 generation 3 series, it makes sense to choose the model that will be the most reliable and require the least maintenance. Here's a run down on the pros and cons of most of the engines available (in Australia).

Parts car gone

By · January 14, 2013

Parts car progress

By · December 23, 2012

Bought a parts car

By · October 25, 2012

Book Review: BMW 3 Series E36 Restoration Tips & Techniques

By · October 3, 2012

Brooklands Books has released a new title for E36 owners, "BMW 3 Series E36 Restoration Tips & Techniques". As a collector of all books about 3 series I bought it as soon as it was available.

Rat look

By · September 19, 2012

BMW 323i (E36) Individual in Australia

By · August 20, 2012

M50 Engine Technical Information (E36)

By · August 19, 2012

BMW has developed a new six-cylinder, four valve engine which will be found in the 525i model. Known internally as the M50 engine, it uses the same technological concept as the four-cylinder, four valve engine (M42) found in the 318i and 318is models.

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John Avis I am a bit of a 3 series fanatic, having owned a couple of E30s and a few E36s, plus a few parts cars. I like the combination of the compact size, good performance and handling, and that they are more sports sedan than an impractical and extrovert sports car. This blog is a place to share my experience and knowledge.

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