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BMW E46 engine reliability guide

By · July 3, 2014

Tagged: E46

A summary of the reliability of the various engines that were offered on Australian market BMW E46 3 series models.

More about flywheel options for M40, M42 and M44 engines

By · May 20, 2014

Tagged: Technical Tips

As I need to replace the clutch in my supercharged 1998 318is I have been looking into what options there are for a stronger and preferably lighter clutch.

My Supercharged 318is updates

By · January 13, 2014

Tagged: My 1998 318is

What's happened since I bought this car?

BMW M44 Engine Technical Information (1996)

By · January 13, 2014

Tagged: E36

The M44 engine was introduced at the beginning of 1996. Based on the M42 engine, the M44's larger displacement is the result of boring and stroking the cylinder dimensions of the M42. Although peak power remains unchanged from the M42, the M44 boasts an improvement of 5 Newton-metres of peak torque at an engine speed 200 rpm lower than its predecessor.

Another BMW E36 parts car

By · November 7, 2013

Tagged: E36

I bought another parts car, this time a 1998 BMW 318is 4-door sedan.

Starter motor problems for my 1997 BMW 318is sedan

By · November 2, 2013

Tagged: My 1997 318is

We have been having problems starting our 1997 BMW 318is.

My new 1998 318is Sport with... Supercharger!

By · July 28, 2013

Tagged: My 1998 318is

After several months of searching for my next car, last night I spotted a 1998 318is Sport for sale. Not only was it priced quite low, but the advertisement said it was supercharged.

Brochure: The 3-Series Coupe Sports Option

By · May 12, 2013

Tagged: E36

A visitor to the site, Ben, was kind enough to provide photos of the original brochure for the BMW 3-Series Coupe Sports Option models.

Sold my 325i

By · April 19, 2013

Tagged: My 1991 325i

1994/1995 BMW E36 318is Sport Option Pack

By · March 25, 2013

Tagged: E36

In October 1994 BMW Australia introduced a sport option pack for the 318is coupe. This option pack included 16-inch alloys and certain M-Technic parts. I've seen three such 318is's around. Apparently the sports option pack was also offered on the 325i but I haven't seen any of those.

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John Avis I am a bit of a 3 series fanatic, having owned a couple of E30s and a few E36s, plus a few parts cars. I like the combination of the compact size, good performance and handling, and that they are more sports sedan than an impractical and extrovert sports car. This blog is a place to share my experience and knowledge.

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