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M42 Engine Technical Information (E36 from 1/1994)

By · August 19, 2012

BMW has updated the M42 four cylinder engine to optimize noise levels (acoustics) and to comply with emission regulations. These changes are incorporated on all M42 E36 vehicles produced from 1/94.

M42 Engine Technical Information (E36)

By · August 19, 2012

With the introduction of the M42 powered E36 models, the successful and proven M42 four cylinder engine has been revised.

Review of BMW 318is (E36) 1992 - 1998

By · July 31, 2008

Almost exactly a year after the introduction of the E36 generation of BMW 3-series sedan came the first of the coupes, the 318is. Although the coupe looks very similar to the sedan, virtually every body panel is different. The cabin is set further back, the boot lid is shorter and the roofline is lower. At the front, the headlights and grille are the same. At the rear the coupe's rear lights are wider.

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