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1998 BMW 318is

I bought this supercharged Avus Blue manual 318is in 2013 with 190,000km on the clock and still own it today.

1991 BMW 325i

I had a strange desire to get an early E36 325i as I love E36s, the sound of the M50 engine, and they are available in 4-door and manual. I bought this one sight unseen from interstate in 2013 and had it delivered.

1997 BMW 318is

I bought this 4-door auto 318is in 2012 for my wife for $500! It was sold in 2015.

1994 BMW 318is

This is my 1994 BMW 318is coupe with M42 engine. I bought it in September 2007 with just under 160,000km. I sold it in 2012.

1990 BMW 318is #2

This is my second E30 318is. My first one was red and I had owned it for several years, from 135,000km to 290,000km. I sold it and bought a different car but missed the little lightweight 318is enough to sell my new car and buy another 318is in 2004.

1995 BMW M3

Back in 2003 I was shopping for an E36 325i manual coupe and not having much luck finding a good one. Somehow I ended up with this black 3.0-litre M3. I paid $35,000 for it and sold it just 6 months later for $39,000.

1990 BMW 318is

My first BMW of many. I bought this 1990 BMW 318is from a dealer on Sydney's Northern Beaches in 1996. It was around $17,000 (Australian Dollars). At the time it had travelled about 135,000 km and I sold it around 5 years later for about $7,500.


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